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With every feature, we specialize a specific marketing strategy that will attract like-minded music lovers to your music. We take pride in delivering a high engagement campaign for your music and if you have a bigger budget contact us here. WCM features a beautiful responsive player that can be played with the screen minimised (unlike YouTube!) & also offers your music through a SoundCloud, Spotify and any other platform you would like to use as your main music sharing platform. *SoundCloud is the most used music platform.

I've gained over 3000 plays & 50+ downloads on my new mixtape 'Dark Matter' on my SoundCloud. I continue to use WCM with every release.


About Us

Social Media Agency

World Community Music

World Community Music was created in 2015 with the vision to educate, teach & give results to musicians. We specialize in Social Media Branding, Design Services & PR work, getting your music in the selected target audience for your style & genre.

We have had great success placing artists on Blogs, Radio & putting forward their music to the correct labels. We also use Social Media accounts to drive traffic to your new music and account resulting in more views, likes and followers for all social media accounts. If you're interested in any of our services don't hesitate to contact us or Buy Now above.